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Early in my career, I had the good fortune of being Senior Vice President of Sales for International Cosmetics and Perfumes and leading the Sales Team for The House of Creed. Thomas Saujet, President and Emmanuel Saujet, CEO, were the sons of Claude Saujet, a legend in the international fragrance world. During my first days, I was lucky enough to spend several days with this iconic man. In our time together, he asked me a question, and I thought that answer eluded me.  It was simple. What did luxury mean to me?

I didn’t answer at that moment. I was looking for something tangible, as the perfect answer. Knowing I would need time to answer, he suggested I think about it. I agreed. In hindsight, he wanted an answer that was thoughtful and deliberate. For the next couple of days, I enjoyed listening and getting to know Mr. Saujet and his sons. As the days progressed and the bottles of wine passed, I began to feel a sense of luxury that I couldn’t yet articulate. At the end of our time together, I reminded Mr. Saujet that I would be emailing him with my answer. With a slight grin he nodded and spoke, 'Oh, I know you won’t forget’. And with that, I knew I would need to truly understand the DNA of what luxury meant to me. What was my luxury?

The following day, I was in Florida for one of my first market tours. As I entered the beautiful Saks 5th Avenue store in Naples, I realized I had forgotten my market tour book in the rental car. As I dashed out of the store, a well-dressed woman was straightening products on the shelves. When she saw me, she stopped what she was doing and asked me if there was anything she could do to help me. I laughed and said "remind me to park my car closer next time". She laughed and said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll hold the meeting for you, and I’ll get you a glass of water.’ She was the store manager.  She knew who I was, and she knew why I was there. Our exchange moved me. I felt important and valued.

I don’t remember the meeting, but I remember the feeling…. valued! That’s what luxury meant to me… and still does.

The Fragrance Industry generates about $50B annually in the United States. An industry built on 100% pure desire. It isn't a necessity to live our lives. It is an emotional purchase at its core. Fragrance lovers value the experience that it brings to their life. Luxury is a feeling and feeling value is a big part of that luxury.

Recently, I had the opportunity to set off on my own luxury adventure.  Which has prompted me to ask myself this question on a grander scale. What is my luxury?  Creating a luxury platform is allowing me to do what I could never do with just fragrance. I finally have the chance to create a gender free platform that’s curated with luxury brands. But my luxury may not be your luxury. I need to be inclusive of all. My mission has been set.

Just Authentic is built so everyone can experience luxury, their way.

We urge every shopper to complete the Just Authentic Profile. We want to provide each shopper with a unique experience. One that represents their likes. One that allows their input.

There are products from well-known brands to emerging brands. We offer Roarwards for purchase, and more.  By following, liking, commenting, sharing and creating content on our social media platforms, your engagement also earns Roarwards.

My new luxury is getting to curate this website for you. I want you to find your luxury in one Authentic Online experience. Our site is divided into three categories…Shop Feminine, Shop Fluidly, Shop Masculine.  We hope that you will find what you’re looking for, in one of them or all of them. I have but one request, Shop Authentically.

Let me help you discover your own personal luxury. Thank you for joining us and enjoy what we hope you feel is a unique luxury experience, just for you. Shop your luxury and Shop Authentic.

Your Luxury Brand Architect,

Dean Lewis

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