Dean Lewis, entrepreneur and rebel, is calling it out!  What you should know about luxury.  A cowboy raised on his parent’s ranch in New Mexico, the seemingly odd child with the talent to create revenue from an idea, Dean became known for his innovative strategies and legendary execution.  Dean’s competitive nature and engaging personality was evident early on, with accomplishments and titles in both sports and academia. His early career as an actor in Hollywood, strengthened his confidence and ability to connect with audiences of any size, creating a strong base for his move to New York City and the fast-paced world of Luxury and Beauty. 

Dean has enjoyed an accomplished career, As Head of Sales for both The Art of Shaving and the House of Creed, each brand experienced unheard-of success under Dean's leadership.   Building on these successes allowed Dean to continue to learn, thrive, and develop, not only as a businessman and entrepreneur, but as a cultural pioneer.  Dean attributes his success to his eye for ‘what’s next’, his follow-up, follow through, and his focus on the Customer’s Experience. 

A risk-taker his results speak for themselves.

Dean is bringing his love of luxury and passion for personal expression to his new venture.  Just Authentic, is an online curation of the best in luxury goods with a unique and exciting offering of fragrance as his first focus. Guests of Just Authentic will be treated to a shopping experience like no other, with personalized recommendations to suit every style. 

Shoppers can create custom sample kits from each brand with no restrictions, take advantage of an innovative Roarwards program, and of course, access a stunning range of products to express every aspect of who you are. As Just Authentic continues to grow and evolve, Dean envisions the site becoming a highly interactive and communal space, where everyone is invited to discover their own version of luxury and self-expression.