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Essentials Kit 003: Yuzu, Violet Leaves & Vetiver

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This set contains the essentials of a scented routine, for lovers of the fragrance 003: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver.

_A 003: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver perfume in 30ml

_A hand cream perfumed with 003: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver

_A solid soap perfumed with 003: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver

This fragrance delivers an effervescent opening, led by zesty and vegetal notes. The powdery tones of white flowers bring softness and elegance to this bright mix. A touch of elemi enhances the inflections of woody and musky notes that form the background. A little mischievous and naughty but always fresh, this is a fragrance we like to smell all throughout the day.

It's the perfect and easy gift and very practical! It's the morning (or evening) fragrance routine we've been missing!

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