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Mini shot: 002: Neroli, Jasmine & White Amber

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A lively opening of Italian bergamot blissfully mingles with sensual musks crowned with neroli and wild jasmine. These flowers are joined by radiant lily of the valley, with its brightest facets brought out by white amber. | 002 | is a mosaic of dazzling ingredients synergistically interacting to produce a mirror-like effect.

PS: This is our most concentrated cologne!

Where does neroli come from?

Neroli is the essential oil of the bitter orange flower. It is obtained by steam distillation. Many different extracts can be taken from this tree; bitter orange essential oil is extracted from the fruit, petitgrain essential oil from the branches and twigs, and orange blossom absolute from the flower, extracted using volatile solvents.

How to recognize the scent of jasmine Jasmine is known as 'white gold'?

A star-shaped flower with sensual sunny tints, it transports us to India, Egypt and above all to Grasse, France. Along with the rose, it is the regions most prominent flower. Fruity and occasionally green with a whisper of orange blossom, it is one of the most delicate plants in existence. To preserve their beauty, the flowers must be picked at night and processed before daybreak. Jasmine flower leaves behind a muted, soft and carnal trail.

Why do fragrances have base notes ?

As you might already know, a great fragrance is never linear; it is constructed according to how the odor molecules evaporate. It's not as complicated as it seems depending on their weight, the molecules reach the nose at different speeds. Fresh notes like citrus ones are very volatile and awaken the nostrils from the first moments. It is then time for the spicy, fruity and floral accents to reveal their full power. After these heart notes, it's the turn of the base notes. These are more intense and act as a fixative, making the fragrance last longer. This is the role of musks, woods, amber and animalistic notes, among others, which give the fragrance its trail and lend it all its character. Generally speaking, base notes give a creation its final touch. They are the reason why you can still smell your fragrance on your clothes several days later. As the ingredients evaporate, they intermingle, intertwine and interact. The structure must be harmonious and perfectly balanced.

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