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Mini shot: 202: Watermelon, Red Currant & Jasmine

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This fragrance bursts with energy, evoking happiness and joy with a real fruit cocktail. Watermelon and citrus fruits: there’s nothing more refreshing on a sunny afternoon. The transparent notes of cyclamen contrast with the more velvety facets of jasmine and lily of the valley. These white flowers waft like a gentle breeze over soft Indian sandalwood.

Where sandalwood comes from ?

Its subtle charms captivate everyone, everywhere. Sandalwood is a soft, milky, mild and sweet wood that thrills us to the core! What makes it special is its very long trail. White sandalwood has a long history, originating in India over 4,000 years ago. The tree must grow for more than 30 years before its wood can be distilled and its essence enjoyed. The finest sandalwood is cultivated in Mysore in the Chamundi foothills in the south of the country. While revered around the world, it is strictly controlled by the government. A victim of its own success, sandalwood is becoming increasingly rarer. After heavy consumption, its production and export have declined over the last decade. In India, temple doors and sculptures are made from this mystical wood. Imagine the sublime soft scent that wafts through these special surroundings. watermelon redcurrant jasmine | 202 | Sandalwood is an integral part of religious rituals and wedding ceremonies.

What is the fruity fragrance category like?

Joyful, optimistic, spontaneous, brash? Fruity fragrances are a product of contemporary perfumery. In the past, fruits were never considered for use in fragrances and people didn’t know how to produce fruity perfume ingredients either. Do you prefer sweeter or subtly refreshing notes? Handily, perfumers can work fruits in several different ways to obtain the desired effects. Fruity facets are generally found in the heart of a fragrance, but those with juicy and watery characteristics belong in the top notes. Whoever said that fruity fragrances are just for women was incredibly wrong! These notes have no gender and appeal to everyone. It is also said that these scents have a direct link to our childhood catalog of fragrances (i.e. they are “nostalgic”) and that is why we love them so much

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