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Mini shot: 203: Raspberry, Vanilla & Blackberry

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What is this red fruit? It’s on the tip of your tongue. Could it be raspberry? Explosive with hints of rose, it adds a touch of sexiness. Warmed by a floral hint in the form of neroli and jasmine, it illuminates the entire creation. Vanilla, ambergris and musks intertwine, converging to become one with this fragrance.

Do you know where vanilla comes from?

Prized for its faceted, gourmand sweetness, vanilla can be found in both fine perfumery and gastronomy. Originally from Mexico, today it is grown in Madagascar, which is the number-one producer worldwide. Six hundred flowers yield 6 kg (13 lbs) of vanilla pods. Collecting its absolute is very labor-intensive with a great number of steps involved. Pollination is followed by harvesting, then the pods must be dried and fermented in the sun to ensure they develop the most delicate aromas. Next they are sorted, their scents inspected, and crushed. Solvent extraction can begin!

What color do you see?

just marketing, others truly believe that “Perfumes, sounds, and colors correspond” – like Charles Baudelaire for instance. In fact it is common knowledge that the sense of smell has the strongest attachment to the emotions and the subconscious. Each odor has a direct link to our own catalog of scents amassed over time thanks to our various life experiences. A raspberry will most certainly smell pink or red to most of us. Yet when it comes to more unique and uncommon notes, we will assign a color to them according to our feelings and memories

statement of authenticity
Just Authentic is just that. Authentic and inclusive in our approach to our customers and authentic in our approach to brands. Brands with a message, with product that speaks to our customer. Value over price. We only work with the authorized distributor, or their supply chain partners. We do not offer product from third party or sell-off from another company. When we chose our name, it was to imply exactly what it stands for: Just Authentic. Always.


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